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Got Milk? International travel with a toddler (III)

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This post is relevant for toddlers who are past the formula/breastfeeding stage.  We traveled internationally with our little one with the confidence (or should I say over-confidence?) that she would adapt to milk differences if needed.  After all, she had tried goats milk with success and we grew up drinking buffaloes milk so why would we anticipate any problems?   Her grandparents even knew where to get cows milk if needed so it should be fine …right? WRONG!

Our hungry little toddler who usually does not fuss about milk (touchwood) took a few sips of the milk offered to her and refused any more.  I put the first cup refusal down to jet lag.

The second cup was no better.  Ok, lets try skimming the entire cream off before pouring her a cup …aah that was better.  At least she drank a few sips.  But now I’m worrying about inadequate caloric intake.

After another day of frustrating attempts, we have now resorted to feeding her yogurt instead of milk.  She seems ok with the home-made yogurt.  Numerous discussions later we realize that one of the main differences in milk that she is used to vs what is available is “Homogenization”.  Milk in the US is usually homogenized whereas milk delivered to households in India is usually not.  What is homogenization you ask? Wikipedia defines homogenization as a process that “breaks the fat into smaller sizes so it no longer separates at any fat specification”.  Uuhhh…the completely skimmed milk should have given me a clue right ?

The good thing is we had a solution.  There were local tetra packs available by the famous Indian Amul brand that had homogenized and pasteurized milk.  The tetra packs were not commonly stocked so we hoarded them like gold.

Amul tetra packs

So after a lot of trial and error we had a solution.  Our little toddler was enjoying milk again.  Whew!

Now your toddler might not have this preference for homogenized milk but in case he/she refuses the milk abroad, you might want to check if non-homogenized milk is the problem.  Hopefully our experience made it easier for someone out there.  Happy travels!


Written by Redpatang

February 17, 2012 at 9:56 pm

Keeping your toddler healthy -international travel (II)

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If you are like most parents, you probably have some anxiety around the health and welfare of your little one while traveling.  Here are some tips that helped us keep our little one relatively healthy during our recent trip abroad (a special thanks to all our family and friend circle who shared their words of wisdom):

Water sources:  The  most important thing you can do is to ensure a clean source of drinking water.  Tap water should not be blindly trusted and water should be either from a trusted bottled brand or boiled and filtered.  This is especially true in Indian metro cities where the water pipe system is relatively old (and can have bacterial seepage issues).   Of course there are some parents who believe that children should be exposed to all types of germs to build lifelong immunity but I’m guessing if you believe that to an extreme … you aren’t reading this post 🙂

Hot is better:  We made our toddler avoid cold salads, juices and uncooked raw food.  When the weather was especially warm, packaged (and pasteurized) cold juices or home-made cold drinks were selected.

Immunizations:  Talk to your pediatrician before your big trip (ideally 6 months before).  S/he might recommend some additional vaccines in addition to ensuring your child is up to date on all regular vaccines.  Getting your child vaccinated for Hep A (jaundice) is a good idea -this contagious disease can cause some serious havoc.  The CDC recommends a Hep A vaccine for children over a year-see document here

And don’t forget some travel sized hand  sanitizers for use while in transit and away from easily accessible hand washing.

All these tips might help keep your little one safe from serious illness but with airplane travel and changes in climate there is always the potential for a little common cold.  Arm yourself with these awesome moist saline wipes…if your toddler does end up with a cold – these wipes are great for keeping little noses from becoming sore.

Safe travels!

Written by Redpatang

February 1, 2012 at 2:39 pm

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