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My little pakora – Clothing for Kids

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We’ve been a proud retailer of the mylittlepakora line for almost a year now and wanted to give our readers a deeper insight into the brand, its Indian design roots and organic goals.

Mylittlepakora was founded by Sonia Gupta when she was searching for Asian-Inspired clothes for her daughter.  (Pakora is a delicious little deep fried snack and also a term of endearment for a little one)!

Sonia Gupta - Founder My Litte Pakora

Sonia Gupta - Founder My Litte Pakora

We spoke with Sonia about her inspiration behind the line and the importance of being organic

  1) What is your inspiration for the colors and designs behind the mylittepakora line?

 India of course, and Rangoli patterns! We just love the richness and depth of color that India has per region and I would say that Jaipur and Rajastan were also the inspiration behind the current collection.

2) Which is your favorite item from this season’s collection?

Since spring is fast approaching and Summer is one of my favorite seasons in New England…I would say the Poplin Dresses we created in Blue and White. The colors and graphics really pop, we love the hint of the nehru collar, and the fit is fantastic on any little girl. The best part is the organic poplin is so breathable that this dress is a favorite in my house during those warm winter months into the cooler months. My oldest pakora Anika, extended this dress by layering in leggings, bootleg pants, and layering tees when the weather started getting cooler.

3) What does “organic” mean as it relates to clothing and why is it important?

As it related to cotton, organic means the cotton has been grown and farmed without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides. Essentially, no chemicals in the cotton means- no chemicals in the ground, no chemicals streaming into water sources, no chemicals polluting the air. The all-around effect is a product that is created without harming the natural environment and our eco-system.

My little pakora clothes under production

My little pakora clothes under production

4) What has been the most memorable event/thing/milestone while starting or running mylittlepakora

There have been quite a few, but most recently it has been my interactions with our customers. I have received beautiful photos of kids in clothing, emails related to how much people love the products, and most recently a customer told me how much he appreciates my manufacturing processes and what My Little Pakora stands for-this email really made my day! At the end of the day running and trying to grow a company on your own as a mom of 2 is not easy…but I can say that I am making a difference in the world…albeit a small difference-this is what keeps me going and doing what I love!

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March 13, 2012 at 8:12 pm

An Indian toy story

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Do you remember the toys you grew up with?  I had a little wooden owl that was simple with bright colors. It did not sing, did not move and maybe you could call it boring?  But I call it timeless – it was part of my make believe stories and one person plays and I remember it even today.   If you are looking for beautiful toys of yesteryear, look no further.

Between Bangalore and Mysore lies a small town called Channapatna.  Artisans in this town are keeping their toy making legacy alive today as they work with Maya Organic – an NGO that helps the toy makers earn a decent living from this dying art.

Image courtesy: Maya Organic

Using renewable hale wood, the artisans hand craft these beautiful toys and color them using natural dyes like turmeric and kum kum.  A coloured lac* stick is pressed against the wood while it is turning on the lathe. The lac melts due to the frictional heat and sticks to the wood.

Merry tops


Gorgeous, aren’t they? These beautiful toys recently made a splash due to Michelle Obama’s interest during her last India trip.

*Lac is an organic non-toxic finish and can be used in food as well as non- food products. It has a tenacious adhesive quality sticking to anything from porous wood to glossy smooth surfaces.

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