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Jhumpa Lahiri shares feelings of dislocation

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Jhumpa Lahiri shares feelings of dislocation

Jhumpa Lahiri, Photo by: Brigitte Lacombe for The Wall Street Journal


“Even though I have been raised and lived practically my entire life in the U.S., I didn’t really live fully within it, having been raised as I was by my parents”, said Jhumpa Lahiri in her interview with Alexandra Wolfe in the WSJ article.

Jhumpa articulates the feelings of many ‘fresh of the board’ and first generation of foreign/ Indian ancestry very well.  Desi’s battle identity crises at everyday where we desire our children to be completely assimilated in our adopted country, yet keep connections with our country of origin.

PS: In the WSJ Blog, you will also get links to excerpts from her new book, The Lowland.


Written by Redpatang

September 22, 2013 at 11:19 am

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