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108 Names of Ganesha: Categorized by Theme

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Lord Ganesha's mural at Fort Meherangarh Palace, Jodhpur India (Courtesy: Dalbera via Flickr)

Lord Ganesha’s mural at Fort Meherangarh Palace, Jodhpur India (Courtesy: Dalbera via Flickr)

Ganesha… Ganapati… Siddhivinayaka… Mangalamurti… Elephant God

Did you know that Lord Ganesha is worshiped using 108 names!  We got curious and wanted to sort them by their meaning.  Some names refer to him as the God of all, powerful and warrior-like yet forgiving, with strong family connections.  Of course, there are several names that describe his appearance and other qualities.  And there are 22 names for Him as bestower or knowledge and success as well as remover of all obstacles.

Lord Ganesha’s 108 names (by theme):

Lord of all
1 Avaneesh Lord of the whole World
2 Bhupati Lord of the Gods
3 Bhuvanpati God of the Heaven
4 Devadeva Lord of All Lords
5 Sureshwaram Lord of All Lords
6 Ganadhakshya Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
7 Ganapati Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
8 Ganadhyakshina Leader of All The Celestial Bodies
9 Maheshwaram Lord of The Universe
10 Pramoda Lord of All Abodes
11 Vinayaka Lord of All
12 Vishwamukha Master of The Universe
13 Vishwaraja King of The World
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Ganesh Chaturthi – a few gift ideas

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Ganesha Single comic - Amar Chitra Katha

Ganesha Single comic – Amar Chitra Katha

Ganesh Chaturthi is coming up on September 9th.  Looking for a way to celebrate?

Here are some gift ideas that you can find right in the redpatang store!

Ganesha fun magnet

Ganesha fun magnet

Traditional Ganesha Magnet

Traditional Ganesha Magnet

Written by Redpatang

September 2, 2013 at 9:45 pm

Packaging talks – Chumbak

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A customer recently wrote in saying he was pleasantly surprised at the quality and packaging of the Chumbak items he had purchased.  This made us realize that the pictures were not doing this uber-fun brand justice.  So, here is a deeper look at the packaging and a sample magnet to give you a better sense of the product line.

Lets start with the fun Ganesha magnet with the packaging intact:

Cool.. right? But hold on, unlike most products, you can enjoy the packaging too…take a close look at the elaborate detail put together on the little card that makes up the background.  We are saving this one to color in as a fun kids activity on a rainy day:

And finally, to give you some perspective on the heft and dimension of the magnet itself:

Chumbak was founded by Shubhra Chadda out of a love for India and travel .  Today, the product line includes magnets, keychains, charms and more.

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April 14, 2011 at 5:38 pm

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