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Swati Rastogi – custom arts and products

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This month’s artist feature is a showcase of our very own city’s local talent Swati Rastogi.

We stumbled upon Swati’s breathtaking work at the Newton India day festival with her display of eye-catching lanterns and vases.

Lantern                Tea light, candle, Om

Each piece of Swati’s art is painstakingly hand crafted and one of a kind.  Swati is highly influenced by Indian folk art (Gond, Warli, Madhubani and Patachitra).  She also finds inspiration in images of the sun, Shiva, Om and Sanskrit Slokas.

What drew us to Swati’s work was her ability to marry an ancient and traditional art style to everyday household articles and that too with a modern flair.  Swati’s style is influenced by the bold brush strokes of Jamini Roy but she doesn’t shy away from any medium whether its water /poster colors, acrylics enamels or even pencil and charcoal

Swati-charcoal                 Swati-photoframe

To find out more about Swati’s eclectic collection or purchase/commission one of a kind gifts (including artwork on fabrics and bags and canvas), please contact her at or on 1-617 955 9431


Written by Redpatang

February 7, 2013 at 11:57 am

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