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Beyond supporting a small business

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As a new entrepreneur, I find it more and more important to support small businesses.  In an era where the personal connection with big conglomerates is lost behind outsourced customer service and automated answering services – sometimes a small business can surprise you with the extent of customer care and effort to make you happy.

Because behind every small business is a hardworking entrepreneur – be it a young kid out of college or a mom who wants to manage her own schedule or just a couple who had a dream.  They may have invested their own hard-earned savings or perhaps relied on friends and family to get them started. I try to think of the face behind every business…. and we are now trying to support small businesses more than ever.  For small businesses and startups bring an all important component to us as consumers – choice. Can you imagine a world where you had only one manufacturer of bags, one clothing manufacturer and only one retailer who you could buy from?

And yet, I’m guilty of not taking the time to give a shout out to small startups who need it.  I recently saw a friend / colleague post a picture of a birthday cake on facebook that a little neighborhood bakery had made for her daughters birthday.  That  post probably brought visibility to at least half her friends and I’m sure the bakery will get at least one more order because of it.  Kudos to you (you know who you are) and thank you for making me realize we all need to do more to support small businesses beyond the initial purchase.

So, think about it – do you take the time to share your new small business find? I know I will going forward.  And thank you to all our dear customers and fans who have shared our name or taken the time to connect with us….we love you for it!


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June 7, 2011 at 4:03 pm

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