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Little desi detective

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Have you heard of Sally Bollywood the little desi detective?  Sally is an animated Indian girl who owns her own detective agency (SBI – “Sally Bollywood Investigation”)  and solves cases with her best friend Doowee.

Sally bollywood

Thumbs up to details like the little choli that Sally wears (with an elephant pattern on the front) and the cool dance numbers. But I can’t quite understand why she sports a large vermillion bindi (A bindi of that size and color is traditionally only worn by married women and since its against the law to marry off a 12 year old ……) 😉

But bindi’s aside, this sweet little animated series is a good effort in developing an Indian /Asian character for little kids to follow.

Here is a youtube preview:

The Sally-Bollywood series is developed by France 3 and Seven network and distributed internationally by Zodiak Entertainment Distribution.  The series is popular in UK and Europe and yet to make its way to North America.


Written by Redpatang

May 4, 2011 at 4:16 pm

2 Responses

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